2018 Porter Novelli/Cone Purpose Premium Index:

How Companies Can Unlock Reputational Gains by Leading with Purpose

Reputation, quite simply, is everything. It is painstakingly built and carefully protected, yet, can implode in a moment and take years to reconstruct. In short, every reputational point matters. Yet there is one thing that can catapult a company into the hearts and minds of consumers over competitors: introducing the Purpose Premium.

Key findings include:

  • Purpose drives 13 percent of a company’s overall reputation

  • Companies with a strong reputation also have strong Purpose scores. These scores move together for nearly nine-out-of-10 companies (88%) ranked

  • When it comes to what Purpose attributes are most important to reputation, Americans prioritize companies that are responsible (86%), caring (85%), advocate for issues (81%), protect the environment (79%) and give back to important causes (73%)

  • Companies with a higher Purpose ranking compared to their laggard peers will reap greater benefit as consumers are more likely to favor that company through trial, purchase and support of that company in their communities

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