2019 Porter Novelli/Cone Purpose Biometrics Study

What if we told you communicating with Purpose could help your organization break through the clutter? Not just break through – but actually ignite physical reactions like increased attention, heightened arousal and emotion that consumers themselves may not even be aware of. And, those physical reactions have a ripple effect. Those emotions galvanize consumers to feel better about your brand, talk about your brand and share your message on their own social channels. What if we told you Purpose has the undeniable power to create deeper bonds that transform the traditional consumer-company relationship?

Enter the world of Purpose.

Key Findings Include:

  • Purpose ignites physical and emotional responses: Purpose-driven advertisements were more effective in two-out-of-three brand categories tested – with higher levels of attention, emotion and arousal from these advertisements overall

  • Purpose builds deeper bonds: 79% of Americans say they feel a deeper personal connection to companies with values similar to their own – and overwhelmingly, biometrics respondents said they’d be more likely to feel better about the brand with the Purpose message

  • Purpose inspires brand advocates and amplification: After viewing the Purpose-driven advertisements, respondents said they’d be more likely to talk about the advertisement and the brand with friends and family and share and discuss the advertisement on social media

  • Purpose creates audiences primed to take action: 88% would purchase products or services from that company, while 70% say they’d want to work for that company

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