As more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the U.S. vie for the attention of potential donors and supporters, the newly released 2010 Cone Nonprofit Marketing Trend Tracker reveals a powerful, if unexpected, ally – for-profit companies. According to the new survey, more than three-quarters (78%) of consumers believe a nonprofit’s partnership with a trusted company or brand makes a cause stand out.

We have long known such cross-sector partnerships benefit companies, but the results of this survey reveal the nonprofit is perched under the same halo. Not only do many consumers feel better about a nonprofit when it partners with a company (56%) – they are also more likely to support it:

  • 59% of Americans are more likely to buy a product associated with the partnership;
  • 50% are more likely to donate to the nonprofit;
  • 49% are more likely to participate in an event for the nonprofit; and
  • 41% are more likely to volunteer for the nonprofit.

American consumers are highly attuned to nonprofit-corporate partnerships in the marketplace today and, as a result, want to see the complete picture. They are seeking details of partnerships (61%) before deciding to support the cause, and they want to see results – 75 percent want to hear about the effect on the social issue or the0 money raised for the cause. In light of this penchant for detail, fewer than half (45%) think nonprofits and companies disclose enough information about their partnerships.

Leading nonprofit brands can harness the power of strategic corporate partnerships and, by offering complete details and a compelling call-to-action, enhance relationships with existing supporters and rally new cause ambassadors.

For additional results and insights from the 2010 Cone Nonprofit Marketing Trend Tracker, download the release and fact sheet from our Web site. 


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