An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans each year, making ocean trash a serious environmental threat to the ecosystem and the many islands that depend on pristine beaches to boost tourism. In the past, organizations have combated the issue by educating tourists and individuals who feel removed from the issue. But now, one partnership is tackling problems on the ground while also addressing the source of the issue.

Corona, a Mexican beer brand that considers the beach home, has partnered with marine organization Parley for the Oceans in an effort to end marine plastic pollution. The long-term partnership launched with a plan to protect 100 islands by 2020. The program, kicking off in six key regions of the world, uses Parley’s creative, multidisciplinary approach and signature formula, the Parley AIR Strategy (Avoid plastic, Intercept plastic waste, Redesign plastic materials and products). In addition to protecting the islands, Corona will implement a plastic-conscious philosophy across all aspects of the brand, starting with an assessment of the brand’s supply chain, with the long-term goal to reduce and eventually replace plastic items that are currently in use. The first major step will be redesigning Corona Sunsets festivals, one of the brand’s biggest global programs, to align with the Parley AIR Strategy. These events can also be leveraged as a learning experience for more than 350,000 consumers a year.

Corona’s brand identity hinges on the idea that the beach is the perfect escape for their consumers. “We needed to take a stand and protect the heart and soul of our brand. We will spread our love for the oceans and make people understand that we need to take care of it, inspiring people to change their own behaviors,” says Thiago Zanettini, Global Vice President of Corona. By reassessing its own supply chain philosophy, Corona is not only walking the walk but also sharing its brand values with consumers.