Texting while driving is still a major cause of car accidents around the world. In fact, drivers are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident when texting. Earlier this year Sweden passed a law making it illegal to drive with a phone in your hand, hoping to improve those staggering statistics – however they saw no change. To drive home the dangers of texting while driving, Volkswagen has created a silent yet persistent reminder for drivers.

Volkswagen Stockholm is creating 153 phone cases made from the scratched and warped sheet metal of cars that have been in texting-and-driving accidents. Each case in the Crashed Cases series is handmade and engraved with a number that represents a serious car accident in Sweden during the first month of the new law. Johan Karlson, brand manager at Volkswagen Stockholm, explains the message behind the cases saying, “We believe a phone case made by damaged vehicles will make you think twice before you pick up your phone. It will be a silent reminder to keep focus on the road and not multitask whilst driving.” And while teens are the biggest texting-and-driving culprits, this campaign reaches audiences of all ages – acknowledging this is an issue that affects all drivers.

By wrapping a phone with the visual reminder of the dangers of texting while driving, Volkswagen is changing a deadly behavior at the moment where drivers are most tempted. Other brands looking to prevent dangerous habits can look to the Crashed Cases campaign for inspiration of reaching consumers during a critical decision-making point, and showcasing the effects a wrong decision may have in the future.