The outdoor industry has made huge strides to promote and protect the lands we love and play in. From REI’s evolved #OptOutside campaign, North Face’s climate beneficial beanie and Patagonia’s bold response to the reduction of Bears Ears National Monument, outdoor retailers engaged consumers around a passion for nature and the goal of preserving the places we cherish. Now, one organization is creating a united voice from outdoor retailers showcasing how the industry is leading with Purpose- helping consumers better understand and connect with these brands and their efforts.

The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), a group of 1,300 members including ARC’TERYX, Burton, REI, Timberland* and Patagonia, is creating a film series sharing stories of brands that operate with Purpose and environmental consciousness and have a positive impact on the industry and environment. Each episode will take the viewer on a cultural adventure where they will meet athletes, gear designers, brand executives, factory workers and other concerned consumers in order to gain a better understanding of how their gear is made and the footprint it leaves behind. Issues covered in the series include sustainable sourcing, improving factory conditions and supply chains, addressing the use of chemicals and closing the loop. Through the series, OIA hopes to educate consumers and other brands about the collective efforts being made within the industry. Johnny Alamo, producer of the film series, explains consumers already expect companies to do more than make a profit, “the outdoor industry — led by OIA’s Sustainability Working Group — is answering that call by suggesting that Purpose is the new business imperative to achieve a values-driven future. The Outdoor Industry Film Series features culturally relevant storytelling that will drive brand awareness and revenue for our partners while inspiring the next generation to be conscious consumers and stewards of the outdoors.”

Although companies across industries are making advances in addressing pressing environmental issues, each brand can only do so much. By creating a collaborative effort to showcase all the different ways outdoor brands have evolved sustainable business practices, the industry as a whole can learn and improve while also gaining the trust of conscious consumers who demand transparency.

*Cone client