As companies continue to campaign for acceptance, many have begun to reflect on their customer bases to ensure that all fans are acknowledged. Some brands have begun portraying non-traditional individuals in their ads, while others have created moments-in-time to encourage inclusivity. While these campaigns spark conversation, one brand is focused on more than raising awareness – it innovated its product to reach a broader audience.

In honor of International Colorblind Awareness Day, Mattel has launched the world’s first card game adapted for the color blind: UNO ColorADD. To achieve this, the game goliath partnered with ColorADD, a global organization for colorblind accessibility and education, to launch an inclusive adaptation of the classic game. This version features ColorAdDD’s proprietary code, “an inclusive and non-discriminative language which enables people with color blindness to identify color.”

This innovation has positioned Mattel to reach a new group of consumers. “Our partnership with ColorADD allows us to extend the game play to 350 million people globally and 13 million Americans who are colorblind,” said Ray Adler, Senior Director of Global Games at Mattel. “UNO is a truly universal game and we are continuing to look for ways to make one of the world’s most popular card games all inclusive.”

Acceptance and inclusivity has been a hot topic among companies recently, and by adapting its product line Mattel sends a strong signal to customer bases old and new- the company values all consumers and is willing to reassess its iconic game to match the brand’s beliefs. Through partnering with an in-the-know organization, Mattel was able to improve upon an age-old game while simultaneously unlocking the potential for the game to grow its fan base and in turn, bottom line.