In 2016, we saw nontraditional sustainability reports gain traction with Patagonia’s report, which swapped the text-heavy format for an image-laden report focusing on action and the outdoors. But the stand-out activation was Heineken’s video featuring a Dutch rapper and spoken word artist who delivered the report stats in a concise and compelling way. This year, the brewing company is taking an even more interactive approach – serving up data in a fun and entertaining way.

Recently Heineken released its 2016 Annual Report which, for the first time, combined the company’s annual and sustainability reports into one document. Not to be outshined by last year’s delivery, Heineken launched the report using an interactive website featuring an entertaining chatbot that presents viewers with ‘Would You Rather’ scenarios in the form of GIFs. For example, would you rather only be able to ask for a promotion in a sauna, or read the Heineken 2016 Sustainability Report? By engaging consumers in this fun and unexpected way, the company hopes to see a higher level of engagement with the report’s content. “Even though the GIF report isn’t as in-depth as a traditional report, we’re hoping people will stay longer on the site and be more engaged than they would otherwise be with a report,” explained Stephanie Johnston, Director of CSR at Heineken USA. In the hopes of engaging an even larger audience in the sustainability conversation, Heineken also plans to share the report on Facebook and Instagram.

With only a quarter of global consumers reading sustainability reports, companies need to leverage a mix of creative communication forms as well as present a manageable amount of information to readers. Using an interactive platform that allowed users to learn about key statistics within the report, Heineken was able to share its progress with a wider range of viewers who may otherwise ignore a more data-heavy read.