Just a few years ago, apps were all the rage. In fact, there was an app for just about anything, from ones that let shoppers know if slaves were involved in making products to those that would point you towards companies that align with individual values. Yet, as technology continues to evolve, so too does the world of responsible purchasing. Now, one company is taking the idea of the conscious shopping app one step further, incorporating the technology right into the online shopping experience.

The newest in a slew of technology helping consumers make responsible purchasing decisions hit headlines this week with the launch of DoneGood, a Google Chrome and Firefox extension that gives suggestions of ethical and sustainable alternatives every time consumers shop on online. After installing the extension, consumers will receive alerts in the corner of their screen if there are more ethical or sustainable alternatives to products they are searching. The extension tends to suggest smaller businesses and will highlight product attributes of DoneGood-sanctioned brands like “Made from recycled material,” “10% of profits go to anti-poverty organizations” or “Certified B Corp.” To further incentivize consumers, DoneGood offers discount codes to member companies which will pop up within the browsing experience.

DoneGood serves as another example of the wealth of information consumers have access to at just the touch of a button. Whether it’s an app, Google Chrome extension or quick online search, technology has changed the game for consumers to do their own due diligence into the products they purchase and their ability to research companies that more directly align with their own values. DoneGood makes this process just that much easier, seamlessly interfacing into consumers’ every day routines with responsible options and information.